Notice to all users:

As you may have notice, the log on feature no longer works correctly when signing in. Between hackers, spam bots, web crawler bots, and the relative low volume of traffic from legit users, the decision has been made to temporarily leave the forum as-is to look into the problem. This website is an outreach from one turkey hunter to all of you to share what we have great passions for. Although technically versed, I am not a programmer or software coder. I get around and can handle the low level stuff, but this constant hacking, and spamming interferes with the main purpose of this site, and I have to prioritize my day job and family ahead of these concerns.

Over the past year the main interest seems to be the virtual turkey contest, and I may continue it, but not sure with what tool or solution. Keep checking back, as I will post any developments as the occur. Thanks for the past support of the website & forum, and we'll see what happens down the road.


Mike Joyner - Webmaster & Forum Admin.