Well the reunion is over and hopefully everyone had a great time. If you haven't heard we are planning on doing it again in 5 years. Follow up cards have been sent to all who weren't able to attend, so they'll know they were missed, to inform them of the 35th and hopefully keep our records up to date.

Laurie has posted some of the pictures on the classmates.com space. Go to Events and Reunions then Past Events to view them and leave comments. She has also posted some on her myspace page. Find her by searching cnyfrogprincess1960@excite.com in the find friends on myspace. If anyone has pictures they'd like posted, please send them to Laurie. We will also have some posted here on the class page. Any comments you'd like to have posted may also be sent to Laurie who will forward them to our wonderful webmaster Tori, who is provided to us courtesy of Howard Krueger.

Keep checking back for updates. Also if you have an email address please make sure Laurie has it. It will help save postage for future events which will cut down on the cost of the events. Also, if you have an address for anyone who may not have attended please provide it as well.

Thanks to all who attended, it was great seeing everyone and reconnecting. Let's all stay in touch. Hopefully we'll have an even better turn out for the next one.

Best Wishes, Your Reunion Committee



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