Not sure about attending the reunion because you aren't sure who's coming and who isn't? Here is a list of what I have so far that might help you to make up your mind. Please get in touch with us soon so we can have the final count. The names with the * are those on the committee.

Cathy Stapleton Santocki *; Laurie VanDyke*; Mike & Lee Joyner *; Deb Bacon Loiacono *; Toni Grasso Brauchle*;Lisa Roecker Caruso *; Howard Krueger *;Shena Abend;Cheryl Bada Salvetti; Beth Buckley Braun;Jim "Koots" Currado; Jerry Casey; Fran DePaola Fanizzi;Joyce DePasquale Garcia; Mary Dobrovolsky Gibson; Denise Dufore Wargo; Cynthia Koll Carley; Cindy Masters; Linda McLaren Baker; Patty Parody Crast; Mark Perioli; Jane Pickett Jassmond; Kim Sharpe Green; Sue Willey; Karen Wylde; Ron Sariano; Charlie Crouse; Melinda Day Luther; Jeff Taisey;

Mary Buddie Wassel; Melanie English; Mary Furgal Brisson; Joe Louise; Robin Moore; Barb Robinson Smith; Denise Slye Killius; Cathleen Testa Rettig; Greg Wallace

Unable to Attend

Cindy Aust Burdick; Lisa Derrigo Currier; Bob Morris; Dan & Darlene (Tolone) Dinet; Bob Yesensky; Kim Murray Lounsbery; Jim Lacey; Chris Verrillo Camelle