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National Wild Turkey Federation Records

How to enter: In order to record your trophy in the official NWTF records system, you must first be a member of the NWTF. Print out a Records application form from below. Follow the instructions included on the form, and listed further on this page. A $10 fee is required to cover processing costs.


All records received will be compiled, maintained, and disseminated, by category, within the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, West Germany, or anywhere the wild turkey is hunted.  The top records will be published annually by the National Wild Turkey Federation., maintains, records as they are received, verified, and provided by queries from National Wild Turkey Federation Database.


Entries and Documentation: Person submitting record,  first witness & second witness (if required), must be a current member of the NWTF. Hunters must enter each turkey on an official entry application form, including certification that the turkey was taken by legal means, in the spirit of fair chase, and that the bird was not released for commercial hunting or confined within any artificial barrier.  NWTF reserves the right to refuse any and all entries.  All entries must be signed, witnessed and mailed to:

NWTF Wild Turkey Records, P.O. Box 530, Edgefield, SC 29824-0530

To expedite inclusion to the database (note: all entries to be verified with NWTF), send an additional copy of the entry Records application or a copy of Record Certificate from National to: 


NY Wild Turkey Records, c/o Mike Joyner 30 Crandall Street, Cortland, NY 13045


Maintenance, Publication, and Dissemination of Records: All Wild Turkey Record listings will be maintained by computer database located at the National Wild Turkey Federation headquarters in Edgefield, SC, and updated at least quarterly.  Annually, a listing of top entries will be published by the National Wild Turkey Federation.  The name of the hunter, the place harvested, and measurements or scores will be included in this publication, ranked by top measurements or overall scores.  In order to be considered for publication, entries must have been received at NWTF headquarters not later than December 1 annually.


Awards: Entries in NWTF wild Turkey Records will be acknowledged, and each hunter will receive a lapel pin and a certificate suitable for framing.  All entrants are guaranteed that their trophy will be recorded in the official records program and listed, with its measurements or scores.


MSWord Doc version of the Records application Form

Adobe PDF version of the Records application Form




Enter weight as: n.nnnn   (i.e. 18.3750)

See table 1 for ounces to decimal conversion.

Total Beard Length


Enter length as: n.nnnn   (i.e. 1.3750 or 10.5000)

See table 1 for fraction to decimal conversion.

Left Spur Length


Right Spur Length


Bird's Total Score


Weight (x1) + Beard (x2) +Left Spur (X10) +Right Spur (x10)

Table 1: Decimal Conversions

Weight in Ounces Length in 16ths

Reduced Fraction

1 oz 1/16 - 0.0625
2 oz 2/16 1/8 0.1250
3 oz 3/16 - 0.1875
4 oz 4/16 1/4 0.2500
5 oz 5/16 - 0.3125
6 oz 6/16 3/8 0.3750
7 oz 7/16 - 0.4375
8 oz 8/16 1/2 0.5000
9 oz 9/16 - 0.5625
10 oz 10/16 5/8 0.6250
11 oz 11/16 - 0.6875
12 oz 12/16 3/4 0.7500
13 oz 13/16 - 0.8125
14 oz 14/16 7/8 0.8750
15 oz 15/16 - 0.9375

Weight measurement guidelines & Intructions:  All weight measurements must be weighed to the nearest ounce on scales inspected and certified as accurate for trade by the State Department of Agriculture.


All Eastern’s, Rio Grande’s, Merriam’s, and Gould’s subspecies birds weighing more than 22 lbs or Florida Subspecies over 20 lbs, or Ocellated turkeys over 10 lbs must be weighed to the nearest ounce on scales inspected and certified as accurate for trade by the State Department of Agriculture, and a weight coupon or signed document presented as proof. An additional witness also is required. 


Beard measurement guidelines & Intructions:  Beards measuring more than 12” must have additional witnessing, and application must include photographs showing measurement.  Please include picture if your bird has multiple beards. Beards are measured top the nearest 1/16" Each beard must be measured from the center point of the protrusion from the skin to the end of the longest bristle.


Spur measurement guidelines & Intructions:  Spurs measuring more than 1.5” must have additional witnessing, and application must include photographs showing measurement. Please include picture if your bird has multiple beards. Spurs are measured top the nearest 1/16"




Non-Typical measurement guidelines & Intructions: Record entries are consider Non-Typical if the bird has multiple beards or multliple spurs. Please include picture if your bird has multiple beards or spurs.   

American Wild Turkey Distribution By Subspecies

For records purposes, wild turkeys taken in the following 24 Florida counties are considered eastern subspecies: Baker, Bay, Calhoun, Columbia, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Hamilton, Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Lean, Liberty, Lafayette, Madison, Nassau, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Suwannee, Taylor, Wakulla, Walton, and Washington. Wild turkeys from all other Florida counties should be listed as Florida subspecies.   Eastern wild turkeys have also been introduced in West Germany and Canada.  The ocellated turkey is found in Yucatan and along the neighboring uatemala border.


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